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Wed June 23 2021

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New propping system from RMD

14 Feb 20 RMD Kwikform has developed a lightweight modular propping system with a loading capacity of up to 400 kN.

Tetrashor in action
Tetrashor in action

Called Tetrashor, the system has been designed for a variety of applications in building refurbishment and civil engineering, including dead shoring and façade retention, propping and needling, and restraining formwork.

RMD Kwikform says that the system’s 400 kN loading capacity means a minimum number of props are required, helping to reduce costs and assembly time for contractors. At the same time, it has been designed with lightweight components (30 kg/m), so the product can be manually handled.

Tetrashor can be used horizontally, vertically and inclined. The Tetrashor prop can also be used as a group of four to create a Tetrashor tower, providing a loading capacity of up to 1600 kN.

Tetrashor is compatible with RMD Kwikform’s range of falsework systems too, including Megashor, Rapidshor and Superslim.

Hydraulic jacking options are available, enabling the controlled application, monitoring and release of loads should the application demand precision.

RMD Kwikform product innovation director Ian Fryer said: “When superior prop strength is a key requirement, the compromise is generally a heavier system that is more difficult to manoeuvre. Conversely, lightweight but less strong systems often require more materials to meet loading capacities, adding to erection times and costs.

“With Tetrashor, contractors do not have to compromise. Tetrashor provides a safe, cost-effective and efficient solution, helping to overcome common industry challenges by supporting heavy loads, while also improving productivity through its versatility and design. For instance, less bracing is required on longer props than alternative solutions, helping contractors to keep costs down.”

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