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Sun September 26 2021

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No squeaks at Jewson

18 Nov 10 Jewson, the UK’s leading supplier of sustainable timber and building materials, will be exclusively distributing No Squeak adhesive from Norbord.

Specifically developed for installing P5 chipboard floor panels, the tough polyurethane adhesive allows for fewer mechanical fixings and is completely flexible - reducing time on site and guaranteeing a no squeak floor.

Traditionally, chipboard floor panels have been fixed mechanically to timber joists. Not only is this method time consuming for professional tradesmen but any movement in the joists can cause floors to squeak as they move up and down the mechanical fixings. 

However, Norbord, leading manufacturers of Caberfloor and Caberdek chipboard floor panels have developed a high performing solution. No Squeak adhesive allows tradesmen to fix the chipboard floor panels directly to the timber joists and ensure a structural bond with only three mechanical fixings required. This helps to significantly reduce installation time and once completed - the polyurethane adhesive retains its flexibility allowing for any subsequent floor movement.

"We are delighted to be able to offer the No Squeak adhesive exclusively to our customers for the next three months," explained Stuart Slocombe, Market Director (Timber & Sheet Materials) at Jewson. "We currently stock Norbord's Caberfloor and Caberdek particleboard floor panels and now we can offer tradesmen an improved installation method - allowing them to cut down time on site and ensure lasting professional results."

No Squeak adhesive is 100% waterproof, sets and remains flexible in situ and has noise and shock absorbing properties; making it an ideal solution for floors under continual movement.

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