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Tue September 21 2021

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Patent granted for low-carbon cement

7 Sep Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies has secured a European patent for a technique that enables the formulation of low-carbon cements.

High Performance Alkaline Activation (H-P2A) is a geopolymer technology enabling low-carbon cements to be formulated for the mortar and industrial adhesive markets. Cement produced using the technology is composed of flash clay (co-product of clay sludge) mixed with silicate and activators and superactivators specifically formulated by the company.

The H-P2A patent was validated by the European Patent Office, under number 3274315, after more than five years of appraisal. It secured a US patent in 2020.

The French company said that the clinker-free low-carbon cement has a substantially lower carbon footprint than traditional cement.

H-P2A cement is a two-component product consisting of either an active powder and a liquid solution or a blend of two pastes mixed to obtain a fast-setting effect. It is perfectly compatible with existing production processes, said the company. The company said that the cement produces concrete with a tensile strength of more than 25MPa.

Related Information

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies co-founders Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann said: “The granting of this European patent will enable us to begin marketing this technology from 2022 in France and across Europe.”

Although Hoffman Green Cement (HGC) is produced only in small quantities, analysts expect it to have claim 3% of the cement market in France by 2026.

“The launch of this product in France, albeit currently only in small quantities, represents a significant new entrant into the global cement market,” Berenberg analysts said. “Given the progress made on product development and customer relationships, we think this target is achievable but much work is still required to establish both product credentials and customer confidence.”

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