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Mon June 14 2021

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Pimp your house!

25 Jun 13 First there was Jack and Vera Duckworth’s stone cladding; now there is a product that allows homeowners to really pimp their house and stand out from the street.

REDArt photos courtesy of Rockwool & Christopher Bradbury
REDArt photos courtesy of Rockwool & Christopher Bradbury

Rockwool says that its REDArt external wall insulation system is designed to make homes “more colourful, inspiring and comfortable places to live”.

With more than 100 colours and finishes to choose from, including a brick effect finish in five different shades and pebble-dash in 12 shades, the creative possibilities are endless.

Rockwool UK managing director Thomas Heldgaard said: “For too long our homes have been grey concrete or uninspiring homogenous brick, with REDArt we are bringing colour back into people’s lives by allowing developers, designers and home owners to customise their properties as never before.”

Rockwool makes and supplies the renders that cover the stone wool insulation to provide the design and colour. The external panels are made from Rockwool’s stone wool insulation, which uses diabase rock, smelted and then spun into a durable insulation.  REDArt provides thermal and acoustic insulation as well as fire protection.

REDArt is available under the government’s energy efficiency schemes ECO (the energy company obligation) and Green Deal, enabling homeowners to install the product using these funding mechanisms. Or local authorities can get support under the schemes to pimp an entire block of flats.

“Insulating our homes no longer involves a sweaty Sunday clearing out the loft," Mr Heldgaard added. "It’s about transforming our homes into beautiful, inspiring and warmer places to live.”

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