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Sat September 25 2021

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Plan in the works to make adjudication affordable

13 Feb 20 A new model for resolving low-value construction disputes is set for publication in the next few weeks.

Things can be worked out more amicably than this
Things can be worked out more amicably than this

Recognising that adjudication procedures are prohibitively expensive for most construction companies, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has sponsored the development of a low value disputes model adjudication procedure, which goes by the snappy name of CIC LVD MAP.

It will be published by the CIC on 18th March 2020.

The aim is to provide a simpler procedure to make adjudication more accessible for SMEs and others involved in lower value claims – it is aimed at disputes where claims are for £50,000 or less, and the issues in dispute are relatively uncomplicated.

By linking the adjudicator’s fee to the amount claimed, it provides more certainty as to how much the adjudicator will be paid for making a decision.

Another objective is to give newly qualified adjudicators the opportunity to gain experience deciding low value disputes.

CIC LVD MAP has been developed by a working group chaired by Martin Burns, head of alternative dispute resolution research & development at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). His group included representatives from the Adjudication Society, the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) and the Institution of Civil Engineers.

The CIC LVD MAP complies with the Housing Grants, Construction & Regeneration Act 1996 as amended by Part 8 of the Local Democracy, Economic Development & Construction Act 2009 (otherwise known as the Construction Act).

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