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Wed May 18 2022

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Plans go in for Ayrshire eco park

11 Nov 21 The planning application has been submitted during COP26 for an Ayrshire park that aims to showcase the latest in renewable energy technology.

East Ayrshire Council will now consider the application for the Barony Eco-Therapy Wellness Park, sited on the former Barony Colliery, near Auchinleck.

Plans for the 108.8-acre park will occupy 108.8 are being progressed by Barony NP (UK), a joint venture company between National Pride UK and IntroCrowd. Barony NP (UK) said that it is endeavouring to create a beautiful and restful place for all to enjoy.

The park is described by the company as a health and wellness destination, providing facilities for active health and mental relaxation, accessible and affordable for all. The facilities will comprise spa, gym and pool areas, indoor and outdoor exercise and craft activities, as well as overnight accommodation and refreshment areas.

Further amenities will aim to include a small distillery, using ingredients grown on site, and a mining heritage museum. The project will also include a path for the public to walk adjacent to the Lugar Water. A memorial garden at the site will be rehabilitated in memory of the miners who lost their lives in the coal mine between 1908 and 1969.

The Barony project is designed to be an ‘off grid’ economically sustainable development centred around an ecologically friendly carbon sink designed to absorb more carbon from the atmosphere than it releases. The project is committed to being a net-zero carbon plus development that aims to revolutionise how renewable energy can be generated. It intends to be a centre of excellence for harnessing existing and new renewable energy technologies.

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Irene Bisset, chair of National Pride UK said: “At the Barony visitors can expect a safe, restful and enlivening environment in which to relax, rejuvenate and be healthy in mind and body, developing their mental and physical strength and personal resilience.

“We are also committed to create a destination that will provide significant community benefits to the area. Given COP26 it is also highly appropriate that we are delivering a development that is assisting in tackling the climate emergency, aiming to showcase the latest in renewable energy technology.

“Throughout the process we have engaged extensively with the local community and the support we have received to date for our proposals has been amazing.”

Should things go according to plan it is anticipated that, planning permission permitting, construction could start on site in quarter three 2022 with it completing at the end of 2024.

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