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Tue September 21 2021

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Plantforce retrofits anti-collision system

8 Sep Hire company Plantforce has added technology to one of its excavators to sound an alarm if anyone gets too close.

The Kobelco SK350 is rigged with cameras and alarms
The Kobelco SK350 is rigged with cameras and alarms

Plantforce Rentals has fitted FTC Group’s pedestrian detection system, which can tell the different between people and inanimate objects, to a Kobelco SK350 crawler excavator.

FTC (Fork Truck Control) developed the system for the fork-lift material handling sector.

If anyone enters the machine’s working area, it sounds an alarm and gives the operator an additional visual alert.

Four cameras with a 140-degree field of vision give a 360-degree view around a vehicle. The rangefinder is linked to a programmed algorithm software, able to distinguish between animate and inanimate objects. This ability to tell people from objects makes it a solution that works in a real-world construction site, FTC says.

FTC business development manager Sean Hamill explained: “In essence this system offers customers a completely modular safety system that is easy to manage and extremely effective, tracking pedestrians in real-time with a full HD screen and any configuration of alerts required.

“With a detection zone of up to 30 metres, which can be divided into programmable green, amber and red areas, whereby pedestrians are tracked in-cab on an HD screen with each of them marked in red, amber or green dependant on their distance from each fitted camera. It is a bespoke system that is a perfect fit for a wide range of construction equipment.”

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