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Wed April 14 2021

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Plaster shortage exacerbated by panic buying

15 Jun 20 Three months ago it was rolls of toilet paper; now, apparently it is plaster that is the subject of panic buying.

Plaster available from private sellers online
Plaster available from private sellers online

When lockdown began In March, Britain began bulk buying bog roll, considering it to be the most essential of all essential items. Other products joined the  most-wanted list and soon the supermarket shelves were bare.

Now it seems that certain building companies have been panic buying plaster whenever they can find it, stockpiling as a defence against shortages.

Representatives of the building materials supply chain are trying to reassure builders that manufacturers have now ramped up produced, that plaster shortages are now easing and so there is no need to bulk buy or stockpile.

The Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) and the Construction Products Association (CPA) are coordinating the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) product availability group.

BMF chief executive John Newcomb said: “The latest information shows that plaster continues to be challenging in terms of supply. Currently the biggest issue is significant replenishment demand in the network. We have also had reports of panic buying of plaster, which is also having an impact. However, production output is now performing ahead of plan, and it was reported by some in the group that issues with supply are easing. We are now taking steps to reassure the industry that, with manufacturing now in place to a high output, the situation is improving and will be resolved in the weeks ahead."

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