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Thu February 29 2024

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Poultry farms turn to ground source heat pumps

16 Apr 20 A Cheshire groundworks specialist reports that it has seen an upsurge in demand for its services from chicken farmers.

M Downes Earthworks' Ditch Witch Mole Plough
M Downes Earthworks' Ditch Witch Mole Plough

M Downes Earthworks says that it has been called on to install ground source heat pumps at a number of poultry farms taking advantage of the government’s renewable heat incentive scheme.

Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) work by absorbing naturally produced thermal energy stored in the air, ground, liquid or waste of a farm and compress this to raise the temperature and deploy heating or hot water in any farm building. They are seen as energy efficient, offering both heating and cooling requirements at lower running costs, reduced CO2 output and greater overall efficiency.

Farmers can benefit from lower energy bills of between 30-70% and the systems can generate up to four times the heat output for every unit of electricity input.

M Downes Earthworks managing director Martin Downes said: “GSHP offer fantastic energy saving for farms, but it’s important they are installed correctly. The underground pipes can range from 20,000-50,000 metres in length and landowners understandably want to minimise the disruption to their land and operations during this time.

“The Ditch Witch Mole Plough is the ideal machine for installing GSHP quickly and efficiently, with minimal ground disturbance, making it far better than traditional install methods.

“We are continuing to work during this time to help deliver vital projects on time and implemented a range of extra precautionary measures to keep the team safe.”

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