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Tue June 22 2021

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Rail contractors offered lightweight postmix concrete substitute

28 Jun 19 Network Rail approved supplier Scott Parnell has launched an alternative to postmix concrete for the rail industry.

Techno-Crete foam secures posts
Techno-Crete foam secures posts

Techno-Crete is being promoted as an alternative product for securing fence posts, gates, elevated troughing, sign posts and marker boards.

Techno-Crete is a two part, high density hydrophobic polyurethane foam alternative to cementitious post foundations. It is derived from recycled vegetable oils, formulated so it can be mixed without the need for mechanical plant and equipment.

It works by expanding to 20-times the size of its package volume after mixing and forms a structurally supporting foundation in approximately 10 minutes of pouring, Scott Parnell says. It contains no CFC, HCFC or HFC blowing agents and has a shelf life of up to one year.

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Claimed benefits of the product include no requirement for aggregates or water, low transport and placement costs, reduced risks of personal injury from manual handling and high performance levels – tested under load Techno-Crete was proven to be equal to or better than postmix concrete foundations, Scott Parnell says.

Sharon Rice, national rail manager at Scott Parnell, said: “The UK’s rail industry has been aware of the implications that manual handling has on its troughing installation teams for some time and huge progress has been made to improve this. At Scott Parnell we have worked tirelessly to make sure we do our best to support this movement. For example, we were one of the first to provide six-metre length GRP troughs, which sit comfortably within safe weight limits for two people, reducing not only the weight, but number of lifts required during installation. With the introduction of Techno-Crete, we are taking things one step further by eliminating the need for three 20kg bags of post mix, which are currently required to install each individual post. Posts are often positioned in difficult to reach locations meaning that postmix, and the large water quantities needed to mix it, causes a huge manual strain on workforces and often requires a costly RRV to get it to the installation point. One box of Techno-Crete weighs far less than a single bag of post mix meaning that one person can easily carry the material for up to 12 foundations in a single lift.”

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