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Wed May 22 2019

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Schiphol airport signs long-term deals with three Dutch contractors

31 Jan Dutch airport Schiphol has entered into a strategic collaboration with BAM, Heijmans and VolkerWessels for construction work worth up to €3.5bn (£3.1bn).

The three had been named as preferred candidates for various parts of the tender in August 2018.

The construction companies will carry out works at Schiphol for a maximum period of nine years with a total estimated value of €2.5bn to €3.5bn over the period. Most of the work is for maintaining and investing in existing infrastructure at the airport. The work is divided into six lots:

  • Lot 1 - start and landing areas (Heijmans Infra)
  • Lot 2 - airplane parking (joint venture KWS Infra and VolkerRail Nederland - both VolkerWessels companies)
  • Lot 3 - landside infrastructure (BAM Infra)
  • Lot 4 - undergroud infrastructure (BAM Infra)
  • Lot 5a - Terminal 1 & 2 (Heijmans Utiliteit)
  • Lot 5b: Terminal 3 & Schiphol Plaza (BAM Bouw en Techniek).

In recent months, the plans have been developed and coordinated with Schiphol and all parties have now signed the agreements, starting with an initial period of three years. The contracts start on 1 April 2019.

BAM said that its indicative annual turnover from the work is approximately €100m and that, based on a total contract duration of nine years, the total turnover for BAM could amount to approximately €900m. The company added that the majority of all construction projects that Schiphol initiates within the awarded plots will be realised with BAM.  

In lot 3 (Landside infrastructure), BAM Infra Asset Management, in collaboration with BAM Infra Region Northwest, is responsible for the management, maintenance and new construction of all roads, bridges and viaducts, parking lots and associated infrastructure. “Our project includes one million square meters of asphalt pavement, more than 4,500 signs and 30,000m2 of road marking, 230 hectares green area and some 8,000 tanks and wells,” said asset manager Jan Willem Breemhaar.

BAM strategic partnership manager Katja Severin said: “The transformation that we want to achieve together with Schiphol is characterised by the pursuit of a collaboration in which we no longer want to think in 'client-contractor’, but in' partners'. Where 'win-win' by helping each other achieving your goals and improving and innovating together, is the new normal.”


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