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Tue January 22 2019

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Smartphone app tracks construction workers' movements

31 Jan 14 The boss of a Midlands building contractor is monitoring his workers through their mobile phones.

Harborough-based builder Jack Shailes clocks in to work for AMS
Harborough-based builder Jack Shailes clocks in to work for AMS

Mark Shaw of AMS Building Services has developed a smartphone app that enables his staff to clock in remotely when they start work, as well as logging in and out whilst on site. They can also use the app to log in to any task or location with a GPS location stamp, request holidays and book in or out of jobs.

The Cloud based software and app, known as ClockedIn, uses GPS technology to identify the location of workers, creating detailed time records for each member of staff.

“As the owner of a construction company, my main frustration in the past has been the inaccuracy of recording the hours and attendance of staff,” Mr Shaw said.

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“Not only did employees often inaccurately estimate their working hours using paper time sheets, we also wasted a lot of time collecting them and entering the data manually. I felt that with all the wireless technology we now have available, there had to be a better way.”

Having trialled the software and app in companies across the East Midlands for several months, he is now marketing it across the industry.

“Our feedback has been great – users reported that the software gave them a range of information which in turn helped them to monitor costs and activity far more accurately. Our industry has suffered more than most during the recession, and so we need to look at ways of ensuring maximum productivity at a sustainable level.”


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