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Thu April 22 2021

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Sub-standard scaffold boards putting lives at risk

9 Sep 15 Northern Ireland’s Health & Safety Executive has issued a new warning about the use of sub-standard timber scaffold boards.

A recent incident on a Belfast building site has raised concern at HSENI that sub-standard and rotten scaffolding boards are in widespread use throughout Northern Ireland, putting workers in danger.

It said that its site visits revealed that there are boards in use which superficially look sound, but on closer inspection are found to have been weakened.

There are a number of boards in use commonly referred to as Grade A boards which have not been graded to the requirements of BS2482:2009. HSENI recommends that only boards manufactured to this standard are acceptable. They must then be checked regularly for damage.

Failures are generally the result of misuse during construction work, for example cutting materials, overloading, or degradation of the board during storage. 

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