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Mon June 27 2022

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Timberwise expands into Scotland

8 Mar Property care business Timberwise has announced plans to open three new locations in Scotland and will be recruiting locally.

Damp-proofing is one of the services Timberwise offers
Damp-proofing is one of the services Timberwise offers

The family-run business will be broadening its scope and coverage this year with its new locations in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling joining existing operations in England and Wales.

“Scotland is a unique challenge and one that Timberwise is more than ready for,” said Brian Reid, regional director of Timberwise in Scotland. “I am looking forward to working with Timberwise to take on the property care needs of both Glasgow and Edinburgh, two vibrant and historic cities that each have their own needs and requirements when it comes to property care.

‘Damp proofing, dry rot, woodworm – no one ever wants to put up with these issues, so offering our services to the people of Scotland is something that we are immensely proud of. We have a good, solid team with a wealth of local knowledge and expertise at their fingertips.”

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Timberwise MD Mark Edwards added: “Another reason that we are looking forward to expanding our range of services in Scotland is that we are going to be looking to build entirely local teams in the area to provide the high level of care that Timberwise customers have come to expect.

“This means that we will be looking for talented individuals to join Brian and our Scottish team in the future, as surveyors, technicians, and office staff – local talent is invaluable, and the opportunity to offer new opportunities for anyone looking for a role within a company that cares just as much about its work as it does the people doing it.”

Edwards added that Timberwise will be training and accrediting the new recruits as they join. “All of our surveyors go through PCA [Property Care Association] accreditation, so any new hires in Scotland can look forward to receiving the same level of interest in their development from the company as all of our existing employees,” he said.

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