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Tue August 09 2022

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Topman becomes advanced demolition operative

22 Feb Demolition topman has officially joined the likes of milkman, postman and fireman as job titles no longer deemed appropriate.

Topman, but not for long
Topman, but not for long

The National Demolition Training Group (NDTG), supported by the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC), will no longer award Topman cards – instead they will be advanced demolition operatives, or ADOs.

The change will be made on the Certificate of Competence for Demolition Operatives (CCDO) cards that the NDTG awards.

However, the publicly stated motive for the name change is not political correctness or diversity awareness but the change in the role itself.

The demolition topman role was also commonly known as a ‘burner’, but the role has since developed to encompass wider duties equivalent to an all-round advanced demolition operative, the NFDC said. The new name is designed to provide a more accurate representation of the knowledge, skills and abilities held by a demolition operative at this level, it said.

The co-incidentally gender-neutral name change will transition over a 12-month period, as the old CCDO topman cards are gradually phased out, with replacement cards issued as CCDO advanced demolition operative.

More than 1,400 people currently hold either the ‘red’ or the ‘blue’ CCDO topman cards.

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