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Tue November 28 2023

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Vancouver ropes in the community to keep drains flowing

30 Sep 19 The city of Vancouver in Canada is encouraging members of the local community to ‘Adopt a Catch Basin’ this autumn and keep it clear of leaves.

It is the third year that the city has run the initiative aimed at preventing flooding. Residents adopt and name catch basins near their home or business and keep them free of leaves, debris and litter. The council said that it is an easy way for residents and kids to get involved with and give back to the city they live in. Volunteers can call the council for help with any catch basins that are clogged; the city still takes care of  seasonal leaf removal and street cleaning.

Residents are encouraged to visit the project website and choose from a live map of more than 45,000 catch basins across the city. Ones marked with a heart are in particular need of a little extra love to remain free and clear of obstruction - "available and needy - leaves like me!" says the key on the map.

Volunteers can personalise their catch basin with a “grate” name of its own, said the city. Names such as “Grate Expectations,” “Live Inlet Die” and “Kevin Basin” can been given to catch basins by their adopter; more than 2,400 have been adopted to date. Vests and rakes are available from the city available upon request.

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