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Fri June 18 2021

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Variable angle boom for mini Cat

31 Mar 16 The Cat 308E2 mini hydraulic excavator is now available in a variable angle boom (VAB) configuration, offering an expanded working envelope.

The Cat 308E2
The Cat 308E2

The VAB provides a maximum dig depth of nearly 4.3 metres and extends the 308E2’s maximum reach by 760 mm to a total of 7.78 metres.

Compared with the standard boom-and-stick configuration, dump clearance is extended by more than 1.4 metres to 6.08 metres.  In addition, the VAB allows the 308E2 to work closer to the blade and tracks, resulting in added lift capacity when working in confined areas, Caterpillar says.

308E2 with VAB Product Specifications

Engine Model

Cat C3.3B

Rated Net Power (ISO9249)

48.5 kW

Operating Weight

8 700 kg

Dimensions -- Intermediate Angle Boom Length -- Standard Stick

Dig Depth

4 290 mm

Dimensions -- Angle Boom Extended -- Standard Stick

Dig Depth

3 980 mm

Maximum Reach @ Ground Level

7 632 mm

Maximum Reach

7 780 mm

Maximum Dig Height

8 000 mm

Maximum Dump Clearance

6 080 mm

Linkage In Minimum Radius

2 925 mm

Dimensions -- Angle Boom Retracted -- Standard Stick

Dig Depth

3 710 mm

Maximum Reach @ Ground Level

6 365 mm

Maximum Reach

6 550 mm

Maximum Dig Height

5 200 mm

Maximum Dump Clearance

3 360 mm

Linkage In Minimum Radius

3 235 mm

Operating Specifications

Stick Length - Standard

1 665 mm

Machine Overhang

290 mm

Machine Overhang with Extra Counterweight

405 mm

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