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Mon May 17 2021

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Wacker Neuson shares batteries with Bomag

27 Apr Compaction machinery manufacturer Wacker Neuson is making its battery platform available to competitor Bomag.

Also works with Bomags
Also works with Bomags

From autumn 2021, the modular, rechargeable construction equipment battery developed by Wacker Neuson will also be compatible with equipment made by Bomag.

Users will be able to operate different machines such as rammers and vibratory plates with just one battery. It means that customers only have to invest in one rechargeable battery and charger.

Wacker Neuson said that making its battery technology available to a competitor in the soil compaction equipment market did not present a conflict of interest. “We firmly believe that many more construction sites could be operated without producing any direct exhaust emissions, especially in urban areas,” said Stefan Pfetsch, managing director of the Wacker Neuson factory in Reichertshofen, the company’s compaction centre. “Our interchangeable battery has the potential to power a wide range of construction equipment. By enabling another manufacturer to use our battery, we are further accelerating the adoption of emissions-free construction equipment and underscoring Wacker Neuson’s commitment to fast-tracking carbon reductions.”

Wacker Neuson developed the world’s first battery-powered rammer in 2014. Today, it has electric rammers, vibratory plates and internal vibrators that can all be powered by the same battery.

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