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Fri June 14 2024

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Warning sounded over fake sprinklers

12 Oct 11 The UK Building Research Establishment is warning that counterfeit fire sprinkler heads appear to be on sale in the Middle East.

Counterfeit sprinkler head
Counterfeit sprinkler head

The BRE says that its Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) has become aware of a range of upright and sidewall counterfeit fire sprinkler heads that have been marked with the FIREX brand logo and carry the LPCB certification mark.

But BRE says that FIREX - The Emirates Fire Fighting Equipment Factory LLC - does not produce or supply any LPCB-approved sprinkler heads, therefore any sprinkler head carrying the FIREX name and the LPCB logo are counterfeit. Their reliability is not certified by the LPCB.

A spokesman for Firex said: "Firex is working closely with BRE to identify the source of these sprinkler heads and will take the appropriate action as, and when, the source is discovered."

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