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Acco Super Dozer on the move

Digger Blogger | 19:46, Mon May 21 2012

The world’s largest dozer ever built has recently been moved to a new resting place. Our good friend and editor of Earthmovers magazine, Graham Black, tweeted about this last week, and I am sure he won’t mind us sharing the video here on the Digger Blog.

The giant Acco bulldozer was originally built in the early 1980’s to work on a land development contract in Libya. It was part of an order which also included the giant Acco motor grader. Sadly both machines never made it to Libya, due to the infamous Col. Gaddafi’s alleged involvement with international terrorism in those days, which led to the United Nations endorsing large trade embargoes against the country. As such the machines have been lying in storage in Italy ever since, and have never turned a track or wheel in anger.

However just last week, this massive 183 ton monster, which was assembled using mainly Caterpillar parts fired up its two 675 hp Cat engines which produce a total power output of 1,350 hp (1,010kw) to climb onto a low loader for its move to a new resting place in Portograro, in Venice. Details are sketchy but I believe that the video shows the machine arriving at its new location.

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This awesome machine was bigger than any dozer Caterpillar ever made, with the blade measuring 23ft (7.0m) wide and 9ft (2.7m) tall, the machines total length from blade to the ripper was 40ft (12m). Although this machine might look rather dated by today’s standards, it was revolutionary at the time with its high drive track set up. Let’s hope the machine is preserved for many years to come. I for one would like to pay a visit one day to see it in the flesh!


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