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Thu December 07 2023

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Case introduces its G-Series Evolution wheeled loader

Digger Blogger | 11:00, Thu April 15 2021

Case Construction Equipment has launched its new G-Series Evolution wheeled loader range in Europe.

Case says that the G-Series Evolution wheeled loader features series of incremental improvements that combine to produce a significant reductio in operating costs.

Thanks to extended service intervals from 500 to 1000+ hours the total cost of maintenance has been reduced by up to 20% when compared to the current range.

“Wheel loaders that are designed to work in the most extreme working environments benefit from improved performance and profitability when you shorten cycle times, by simplifying operations and increasing uptime,” says product management director Egidio Galano. “Each of the enhancements included in the new CASE G-Series Evolution loaders drive those incremental improvements that lead to big gains in productivity and efficiency.”

For example, there is a new payload system integrated directly into the primary display, providing bucket weight, pass counts, accumulated/running weight, job tracking data and other information. This helps operators track total loads including the total volume of material moved over a specific time, load history by customer, ticket or material, as well as providing a comprehensive ticket history.

There is a new touchscreen display that provides tablet-like performance for accessing all machine settings and operational data. This includes electro-hydraulic controls that enable the operator to independently set lift (boom) and tilt (bucket) responsiveness to match operator preference and loading situations. Each function can be independently set with a choice of three responsiveness modes: smooth, moderate and aggressive.

Case says that it has simplified the previous engine power management operating mode offering with two new ones: Smart and Max. Max mode is chosen when the operator wants to work with maximum engine performance in tough conditions, while the new Smart Mode delivers “an enhanced operating experience through improved communication between the engine and transmission” when the work is not so tough.

The new parallel lift functionality automatically maintains the angle and position of the bucket or forks to prevent load spillage.

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The telematics systems SiteConnect and SiteWatch come as standard for three years.

And there is  a new telematics enabled 4G SiteConnect Module installed on the machine that can be accessed via the new SiteManager App.

“With SiteConnect, we are enabling two-way communication between machines and Case dealers, who can run remote diagnostics and best advise operators on any issues identified without even visiting the site. Algorithm-driven proactive analysis of potential failures and reduced time to fix issues means more uptime and productivity. If a potential problem is detected, an alert is sent to the CASE dealer with specific recommendations and actions to fix issues before they become problems. SiteConnect and telematics come as standard with the G-Series Evolution” says Egidio Galano.

Tyre monitoring has also been improved. The new tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has individual sensors that mount to the valve stem of each tyre along with a receiver module that communicates the pressure for each tyre onto the display and alerts the operator when the tyre pressure is outside of a set range.

Egidio Galano concludes: “All of these new features have been driven by direct feedback from customers and dealers — from the tyres to the bucket to the engine and to the controls — to provide comprehensive connectivity and systems improvement that will increase productivity, increase profitability and increase reliability.”


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