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Tue November 28 2023

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Classic Akerman excavator picks up a Case

Digger Blogger | 20:12, Wed August 08 2012

Here is a great shot from our Swedish friend, plant & machinery entrepaneur, and regular Digger Blog reader Conny Kolsjo.

Conny Kolsjo, who is also a very active member of top European machinery forum, is always keen to show his amazing collection of old but fully functional machines doing weird and wonderful things, with a touch of Swedish humour too. In this latest shot, Conny is seen demonstrating the impressive lifting power of his early 1990’s Akerman H16D, as it lifts the old Case 1150B dozer, which probably weighs around 11 tons, completely off the ground!

The Akerman range of machines were world renowned for their impressive hydraulic power, and the H16D was no exception, powered by a Volvo TD100G engine, the machine has a rated output of 262hp and an operating weight of 42 tons. Production ran from 1984-1993, during which time a total of 276 machines were manufactured.

It’s a real credit to Conny, that Swedish classics like this, are lovingly restored, continue to work, and offer many years of reliable service.  

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