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Dredging like Gran

Digger Blogger | 12:00, Tue February 12 2019

Here’s a great shot of a Liebherr HS 8130 HD duty-cycle crawler crane in a drag line application in Germany

It can dig out 9,000 tonnes of gravel an hour from a pit in Stauffendorf near Deggendorf, in southeastern Germany.

The machine is being worked hard, four days a week, by a company called Gran, not just for gravel extraction but also for the development and cultivation of the gravel extraction site.

This Liebherr HS 8130 HD has a 23-metre boom and is fitted with a Hendrix dragline bucket with a capacity of 5.7 m³. In lifting applications, its rated capacity is 130 tonnes.But dredging is a difernt kind of job altogether.  At a digging depth of eight to 10 metres, the crane manages to extract 450 m³ of material per hour. Depending on the duration of the shift, this results in a daily production of 4,500 m3 or 9,000 tonnes.

This is made possible thanks to the two high performance winches that each has a line pull of 350 kN. Gran is able to operate the machine in Eco-Silent Mode, keeping diesel consumption down to 40 litres an hour with an engine speed of 1550 rpm.

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“We achieve excellent turnovers with an impressively low fuel consumption. That’s why the HS 8130 HD is the perfect machine for extracting gravel,” says company owner Andreas Gran, who set up his business in 2004.

The new HS 8130 HD, made in the spectacularly scenic Liebherr-Werk Nenzing factory in the far west of Austria, is already Gran’s fourth machine from the Liebherr HS series. He is now planning to buy two more of the same models as well as two of the slightly smaller 100-tonne class HS 8100 HD.




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