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Electric Fuchs scrap handlers go to work

Digger Blogger | 12:05, Wed October 06 2021

The UKs first Terex Fuchs MHL 850F electric material handlers are at work with Lancashire Renewables Ltd.

The end of the red diesel rebate in April 2022 is driving demand for electric powered machinery, even for yard machines that may not put in the miles.

The UKs very first Terex Fuchs electric powered material handlers, supplied by Terex dealer Blue Machinery (Central) to Contract Plant Rental have landed on long term hire with Lancashire Renewables.

One of these machines is feeding the company’s Waste Recovery Park while the other is loading municipal solid waste at its site in Fleetwood.

The 35-tonne Fuchs MHL850F electric drive material handler is designed and built specifically for waste, scrap and port applications. There are no tail-pipe emissions and significantly reduced noise and heat output.

The electric cable lengths and cable reel designs on the Fuchs electric machines are adapted to each customer’s specific requirements. The machines can be equipped with an internal or external powerpack, to move the machine around the yard. As an additional benefit, the full torque is immediately 100% available when operating which gives more output than traditional diesel-powered machines.

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Sean McGeary of Blue Machinery (Central) says: “I feel that 2022 will see a significant increase in the demand for electric machines across the spectrum for traditional diesel hydraulic mobile machines. This is more so for machines where mobility is not the primary function e.g. material handlers, crushing, shredding and screening trains. There is a convenience to have the machines with mobile capability, but they typically work on one site without regular movement. The demand will increase due to the change in diesel tax legislation as well as a general change in attitude across the construction associated sectors for decarbonisation and planning for the future.”

Contract Plant Rental operations manager Richard Creighton adds: “As electric cars become a staple on our roads it’s only natural that all diesel-powered plant will be heading in that direction. Its advantages in terms of running costs and operator health benefits make it the obvious choice for a wide and varied number of applications.”

Lancashire Renewables certainly seems happy. Procurement manager Alistair Pope says: “Following an open and successful tender, Contract Plant Rental fully understood and supported our operational requirements to the fullest extent, with their selection of the Fuchs MHL850F promising to be a formidable piece of equipment.”



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