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Tue June 18 2024

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Excavator recovery from Russia with mud

Digger Blogger | 19:18, Wed August 01 2012

You Tube is awash with videos of stricken machines being recovered. A lot of these videos originate from Russia and its satellite states, here’s a good one I came across recently.

This video was taken way back in 2008 and features a totally submerged Komatsu PC400-7, which is being rescued from a muddy, water filled hole, during a freezing cold Russian winter. The rescue team have deployed 2 Caterpillar D9R’s to basically tug the machine out of the hole. The dozers doing the pulling were assisted by a couple of excavators. 

Heartbreaking to see machines in this kind of state, and I wonder if it was ever rebuilt and put back into service?  


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