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Wed November 29 2023

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Extreme mini diggers in action

Digger Blogger | 19:06, Tue October 30 2012

Here are some interesting photos from the internet that have been shared with me by a couple of Digger Blog readers.

First up is this shot featuring an un-identified mini excavator, which is rather incredibly slung from a crane and is hammering away at a brickwork chimney stack. There are simply so many things wrong about this photo and the dangerous practices it’s displaying. I can only imagine this might have taken place in China, where even basic health and safety seems to be disregarded.

I am still completely puzzled by this photo, which was posted on the forum’s Facebook page recently. It features a Kubota K008-3 980kg micro excavator, on a pontoon floating in a pond somewhere in Sweden. Quite what they are trying to do with it is a bit of a mystery, and so far I have been unable to discover just what is going on here. Bearing in mind that the small Kubota only has a dig depth of 1720mm, I can’t see it being much use for dredging in this environment? Hopefully we will get some feedback on this post and cure my curiosity about it!

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