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GHH and Volvo among Red Dot winners

Digger Blogger | 12:00, Wed June 24 2020

A couple of very different dumper vehicles are among the winners of Red Dot design awards for 2020.

Red Dot seems to have established itself as the Oscars for industrial designers, and construction machinery of some kind is often represented among the winners.

This year, there were more than 6,500 entries from 60 countries. The jurors test all of the entries to assess not just the aesthetic but also the materials selected, the craftsmanship, the surface structure, ergonomics and functionality. Out of this process, 76 winners were declared winners.

Among the 76 winners were the MK-42 dump truck (pictured above), from the German manufacturer of heavy construction and mining machinery GHH, and the TA15 autonomous electric hauler from Volvo Autonomous Solutions.

The MK-42 is a 42-tonne dump truck for underground mining, construction and tunnelling. It can carry up to a maximum of 45 tonnes with the dump box range from 19 m³ up to 24 m³.

GHH boasts that it has the best power rating in its class, at 460 kW, best turning radius and best dump angle –68°.  Oscillating articulation and front axle suspension system improve traction and ride comfort.

GHH together with Studio Heikki Naulapää Oy of Finland created the baseline methodology and design philosophy for the MK-42 from which the GHH team developed the finished product.



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The Volvo TA15 (below) – part of the TARA autonomous transport solution from Volvo Autonomous Solutions – is a different sort of hauler altogether, being electric and self-driving.

The battery-electric load carrier is a concept machine, with an eye on disrupting the  off-road hauling business.  It runs on a battery-electric drivetrain and relies on GPS, Lidar, Radar and multiple sensors for travel. Being autonomous, the TA15 has no need for a cabin, giving it a whole different appearance from haul trucks we are all used to seeing.

With a 15 tonne hauling capacity, TA15 forms part of the wider TARA autonomous transport solution concept, so that a series of them can be connected together to form a ‘train’ of machines.

The TA15 autonomous electric hauler was, and continues to be, developed by Volvo Construction Equipment based on the former HX02 concept and has now been handed over for commercialisation to Volvo Autonomous Solutions, a new business area of the Volvo Group set up on 1st January 2020.

Volvo Construction Equipment has won Red Dots before, including for its regular A40F articulated hauler in 2012, as well as its L220G wheeled loader in 2011 and EC380E tracked excavator in 2014.

Commenting on this year’s award, Nils Jæger, president of Volvo Autonomous Solutions, said: “We are thrilled to have won such a prestigious award as the Red Dot. It shows that we are delivering world class designs at the cutting edge of autonomous vehicle technology. We are proud to continue the Volvo Group tradition of being innovative leaders in the commercial vehicle and machine design arenas.”

Melker Jernberg, president of Volvo Construction Equipment, added: “It is exciting that two Volvo products have been awarded this internationally recognized mark of design excellence,” says. “On top of that, it is great that this is the result of a great internal collaboration with Volvo Autonomous Solutions. Partnership is the new leadership.”



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