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Wed December 06 2023

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How to load your Cat Backhoe Loader into a Truck

Digger Blogger | 18:54, Tue May 10 2011

This video has been highlighted to us by our old friend Doug Potter, who as we all know is well known in our industry for performing a few stunts himself!

This operator obviously had too much time on his hands and decided it would be good fun to load his Caterpillar backhoe loader onto the back of a tipper truck, and then unload it again!

I have no idea why but I must say he did a pretty good job of it in this instance.

I can recall as a youngster, it was common place to see machines travelling in the back of road going tippers, especially crawler loading shovels, which were often used on demolition jobs.

Related Information

This practice still takes place in other parts of the world of course, this shot of a Caterpillar 955L in the back of a truck was sent to me a couple of years ago by one of our regular Digger Blog readers, Xristos Elena, who lives and works in Kalamatas in Greece.


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