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Wed July 24 2024

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Kobelco SK19: "ideal combination"

Digger Blogger | 12:00, Wed March 02 2022

Kobelco has replaced its SK18-1E mini excavator with a new SK19 model.

The Kobelco SK19 weighs in at 1,970 kg in cab version or 1,880 kg with just a canopy.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, it “provides the ideal combination of performance and functionality”.

The Yanmar EU Stage V-compliant engine and new hydraulic system deliver improved digging and driving performance as well as reduced fuel consumption. Lifting capacity has also been improved, and standard auto kickdown travel motors improve travelling comfort.

The engine delivers a 38% increase in power output (13.1kW versus 9.5kW), 10% increase in bucket digging force (16.7kN versus 15.2kN) and 26% increase in arm digging force (long arm/short arm 9.3 kN /11.4kN versus 7.4kN in the old model).

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Lifting capacity has also been increased by 24% (based on 2.5-metre reach, -0.5m from ground level over the front), while travel speed, digging reach and digging depth are also significantly improved, the brochure promises.

This machine has been designed to cope with working in confined spaces or close to obstacles such as walls, ditches or roads. The width of the crawler is 980 mm when retracted to enable access to tight passageways, which increases to just 1,320 mm when extended. The tail swing is compact, while the boom swing angle is 12% wider than the previous SK18-1E. 

Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe product manager Wesley Elverding (pictured below) says: ““Mini excavators are vital to our overall product line-up, and the introduction of the SK19 demonstrates how we are developing our mini excavator technology and machine concepts. Tailored for productivity, the new SK19 offers increased arm digging forces and shorter overall cycle times, best-in-class hydraulic auxiliary lines, versatility and improved stability.”


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