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Thu July 25 2024

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Komatsus in a spot of bother

Digger Blogger | 13:51, Tue January 01 2013

I have been sent a couple of shots by Wilmin Conzvert from Indonesia, which feature two Komatsu excavators that are quite clearly in big trouble!

Details are sketchy but from what I can understand Wilmin works as a young mechanic around Komatsu equipment in Indonesia. During the course of his work he comes across a number of machines that have become bogged, rolled over or damaged in some other way. In this first photo we see a Komatsu PC200-7 that has suffered massive structural damage to its rear end possibly as a result of a landslide. One positive sign here is that the cab structure is still intact despite some inevitable damage to the glazed areas. I know from discussions I have had with members of the UK factory team, that Komatsu take great pride in the strength of their cab structures.

In this shot we see another Komatsu PC200-7 that has clearly slipped off some timbers and into a wet and muddy quagmire. Even with the assembled collective of Komatsu excavators on standby, it must have been a difficult task to retrieve this machine from its watery grave!

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