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Liebherr fleet lays foundations in Moscow

Digger Blogger | 12:04, Wed April 11 2018

Seven Liebherr duty cycle crawler cranes and a specialist piling rig are forming the foundations for a new bus station in Moscow.

The bus station is going to be an 11-storey glass palace on the Sholkovskoye Chaussee, with 1600 buses a day passing through. Of the total project cost of €73m, about 20% is being spent on the foundations.

The architect is Werner Sobek and the contractor is local firm Fensma.

Deep foundation work for the new building is being carried out by a fleet of eight Liebherr machines, including seven HS series duty-cycle crawler cranes with lifting capacities between 70 and 120 tonnes and one LRB 255 piling and drilling rig. Cast in-situ slurry walls with a total of 310,000 m² of concrete and 3,500 tonnes of reinforcement cages are being installed as a lining wall for the foundation pit. For this purpose two carrier machines are fitted with hydraulic grabs and four with mechanical grabs. These are applied as necessary and are interchanged between the duty cycle crawler cranes. The slurry wall has a maximum depth of 52 metres and is 800mm thick. It takes 18 hours for each 2800mm bite.

In addition to the slurry wall the Liebherr machines are inserting 154 individual barrette piles for foundations. One barrette has a depth of 52 metres and a volume of 110 m³ concrete. A total of 800 tonnes steel is being installed.

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Fensma is up against a tight deadline to complete before the end of 2019. It is also working with difficult soil conditions: loam, sand, clay and groundwater. Under these conditions it is a particular challenge to achieve the necessary verticality of the slurry wall.





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