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Thu July 25 2024

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New dozer from Liebherr

Digger Blogger | 22:39, Tue March 19 2013

The new Liebherr PR 736 dozer with a service weight between 20 and 25 tonnes, gets its world premiere at Bauma 2013, it’s a concept designed for increased efficiency and for a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. (Available 2014…)

The new Generation 6 models, have electronically regulated travel gear with an integral eco-function and proactive power-output control.

The PR 736’s cabin is a completely new development. The driver can move the ergonomically shaped travel controls to the most convenient position. An integral contact switch in the comfortable seat identifies the driver’s presence automatically, without a safety lever having to be operated.

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Liebherr say the new modern design, with downward-angled body panel edges and panoramic windows including the door area, provides “perfect all-round visibility in all working conditions”

Engine output        150 kW / 204 HP

Operating weight   20 - 25t

Blade capacity       4,1m³ - 5,56m³

Travel speed          0-11 km/h


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