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Thu November 30 2023

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New pipe lifter concept is the way forward in pipe re-handling

Digger Blogger | 19:14, Mon November 05 2012

A new pipe lifting attachment has recently been introduced to the UK construction industry, which has been designed to improve both the health & safety and efficiency of pipe handling and installation.

I’m sure many of us who operate excavators on a daily basis, have spent more hours than we care to remember unloading concrete pipe deliveries from lorries. It can be very time consuming work, and often the lads, who conventionally have had to sling up the pipes with strops, are put in danger of falling from height off the trailer, as well as the risk of getting pinched by pipes as they move. Well now a new system has been designed to take away all the risk involved in moving pipes, and indeed which significantly speeds up the process. FP McCann, who are market leaders in manufacturing of precast concrete drainage, have been working in conjunction with MGF who have manufactured a mechanical pipe lifter.

Like most good inventions, the pipe lifter is a relatively simple idea, which attaches to the excavators quick hitch before unloading commences. The whole unloading process virtually becomes a one man operation, only requiring a machine operator and banksman to oversee the unloading and placing of the pipes. The procedure is much safer with no need for operatives to be on the lorry, or even in the trench when placing the pipes during drainage works.

According to FP McCann, the system is simple to use, requiring no special equipment and minimal training. It’s also a lot faster, saving an estimated 50% on installation time, and it’s cheaper requiring less operatives and offering improved productivity.

Related Information

Here is a brief video which explains the new system in more detail.


I think this attachment is a great idea, and something that can only further the pursuit of safe operation on our sites in the UK.


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