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Mon July 15 2024

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New Technology Keeps Ammann ACR60/68 Range Rammers on Top

Digger Blogger | 07:32, Thu July 14 2011

Whilst rammers are not at the recognised “sexy” end of the hire equipment market, they do form a key part of each and every hire company’s portfolio of equipment. Compaction equipment whilst not being a very exciting product, performs a valuable role on our jobsites and as such deserves its coverage here on the Digger Blog

This new range is not just a simple makeover of a previous model, but a new clean sheet design. This has enabled Ammann engineers to relook and a number of age old issues that have tended to affect these products.

We all know that, despite our rigorous maintenance regimes, service intervals are not always adhered to. With this in mind Ammann have designed a completely new upper housing of the main body of the machine where they have fitted an over large air filter complete with a self cleaning, swirl effect air box and integrated service indicator. When combined these all add up to increase the standard service interval by up to 5 times, thus reducing maintenance costs and increasing availability.

Ammann have also fitted an hour meter to the outer side of the increased capacity fuel tank so that elapsed operating time is clearly visible. This is important both from the owner’s point of view, but it also aides the operator in knowing his own personal usage time and helps him to monitor his overall exposure to HAV risks.

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Ammann are also well aware that operators come in many shapes and sizes and traditionally rammers were always supplied with a “one size fits all” handle arrangement. We have added a simple height adjusting mechanism to the guide handle to ensure optimal ergonomics for as great a range of sizes as possible. By concentrating on the overall balance of the machine we have also been to reduce the length of the guide handle which allows for greater manoeuvrability, especially in confined areas such as trenches.

When working with the narrower 165mm shoes many operators find it easier and safer to stand on either side of the exterior of the trench. To facilitate this (and to reduce the risk of back strain from stooping to use the rammer) Ammann have redesigned the lower leg so that an additional 10cm spacer can be added, without compromising performance.

By also altering the traditional lower spring mounting points, the company have been able to design a new type of spring assembly which has enabled them to develop a strong and compact lower assembly. This also helps to lower the centre of gravity and aides forward motion, whilst increasing stability.


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