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Fri July 19 2024

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Pac-Man, the Caterpillar way [video]

Digger Blogger | 13:00, Wed October 21 2020

Caterpillar’s marketing department is getting creative again with its machine challenge videos. And here’s another one.

You may remember those Cat Trials videos from five or six years ago, showing their machines building sandcastles, playing giant Jenga, or other such fun. There were a bunch of them.

Well, now they are back and first up is Pac-Man. (Maybe that should be Cat-Man...)

There’s nothing else to say, particularly, other than enjoy the film!



If you enjoyed that, then (as per usual) there is a behind-the-scenes 'making of' video as well, including how they made the game board, although at more the 17 minutes long you might want to grab a mug of tea first.

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