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Tue December 05 2023

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Priestman Exhibition: Grabs, Cranes & Excavators

Digger Blogger | 20:38, Tue February 01 2011

Keen Digger blog reader and a driving force behind the Vintage Excavator Trust magazine, Bill Bromwich, has organized a fantastic exhibition in Hull and has given us a few details about it.

The exhibition, which will be held from February 2nd - 16th March 2011, at the Hedon museum is called Priestman At Work – At Play, and will tell the story of this famous local company which was first established by William Dent Priestman in 1876, whom  set up the business to initially build rope controlled grabs.

The company went on to build cranes and excavators, both rope controlled and hydraulic, until its sad demise in the early 1990’s, following a series of takeovers and tough competition from overseas makes.

Related Information

This exhibition will feature story boards and local memorabilia relating to the company, which was once based just a mile outside of the town of Hedon, which is still home to many ex-employees of this once great British firm.

Bill has received some great feedback from earlier Priestman posts here on the Digger blog, some from as far away as Australia and Canada. It’s been a privilege to help ex Priestman employees and Priestman owners to get in touch with each other through the website.


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