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Thu November 30 2023

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Scrapers for pulling with ADTs

Digger Blogger | 11:57, Tue January 12 2016

News in from Manitoba that Canadian machinery company K-Tec Earthmovers has released a new 1228ADT scraper model with which it hopes to reach a broader range of the earthmoving industry.

K-Tec has attached its line of large earthmoving scrapers to 40-tonne articulated dump trucks (ADTs) since 2008; the 28 cubic yard scraper has been one of K-Tec’s most popular models for several years. But this has now been reconfigured to mount onto 25- and 30-tonne ADT chassis in addition to tractor units.

ADTs can be converted to pull a K-Tec 1228ADT for a unit that can self-load, transport, and eject material with a single engine running and a solitary operator.

The operator controls the scraper using a joystick inside the ADT cab. A K-Tec digital display in the cab shows operating details, load count productivity, and troubleshooting.

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K-Tec reckons this improves the productivity and versatility of the ADTs. The 1228ADT scraper is able to self-load for precision grading and dumping; be push-loaded for enhanced loading time; or be top-loaded via excavator for heaped hauling.

This video probably explains it better...




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