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Tue June 18 2024

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Special application Hitachi variations

Digger Blogger | 13:05, Wed March 06 2019

To people of my vintage SLF stands for just one thing, and that's Stiff Little Fingers. In the world of Hitachi excavators, however, it stands for Super Long Front.

The Hitachi ZX210LC-6 SLF (pictured above) is just one of several interesting special application variants that the Japanese manufacturer has developed.

The super long front SLF version has been developed for maintaining rivers and lakes, as well as slope finishing and landscaping.  As one of the smaller models in the range, it has a maximum digging reach of 15 metres and digging depth of 11 metres.

To enhance the durability of the ZX210LC-6 SLF, it has been designed with a larger box-type cross section and thicker steel plates.  The front attachment has been designed with versatility and ease of transportation in mind.  In addition, the ZX210LC-6 SLF has a heavier counterweight than the standard version to provide exceptional stability.

Related Information

Hitachi also has a a ZX135US-6 telescopic arm excavator (above) and a ZX135US-6 sliding arm excavator (below)

The new smallest telescopic arm excavator is for deep excavation on narrow, urban sites. It takes up less than half the space of the largest model (the ZX350LC-6) and is capable of excavating to depths of 16.5 metres. The telescopic arm extends and retracts in seconds using a combination of rope and hydraulic cylinders, for rapid spoil removal.

The new sliding arm variant has been developed by Hitachi as a compact alternative to larger models, for urban and road construction projects. The sliding arm of the ZX135US-6 extends the working range considerably to a maximum digging depth of 7.79 metres.  The upper arm has a built-in sliding cylinder with a 2,000mm stroke. 


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