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Fri July 19 2024

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Telehandler driver gets the fright of his life!

Digger Blogger | 19:53, Mon October 08 2012

The “operator” of this telehandler has a lucky escape, as do passing motorists, in this amateur video taken from a restaurant across the road.

This video is currently doing the rounds on the machinery forum circuit, but was posted onto my @TheDiggerBlog Twitter account by Joe Summerhill last week. The incredible footage was snapped by someone on the outskirts of Stockholm in Sweden. The operator of the Manitou machine, which looks to be a rotating model, has quite clearly lifted up and boomed out, without setting up the machine correctly. Then as the machine starts to regain balance, rather than retracting the boomed out sections, the driver makes the fatal mistake of lifting the boom upwards, resulting in a whiplash movement causing the machine to flip over backwards!

This incident, whilst terrible for the individual concerned, could have been so much worse with the boom of the telehandler appearing to fall close to, if not on the road, with busy commuter traffic passing by.


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