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Track type dozer archive photos

Digger Blogger | 15:04, Sun October 17 2010

Here's another selection from the recently acquired Digger blog archives focusing on track type dozers from the past

First up is this impressive shot of two Komatsu D575A Super-Dozers in action.

These massive dozers which are still in production today, are powered by a 1,150 hp engine and weigh in at around 157 tons. The machines vital statistics are stunning, standing 16 feet tall, 41 feet long and fitted with a 24 foot wide dozer blade.

Here at the other end of the scale Komatsu's ever popular D65P model in action in the 90's.

Back further in time now with a couple of photos of International dozers. First up is this TD25C model complete with hefty looking single shank ripper.

The TD25C was first introduced in 1968 and was in production until 1978 during which time some 3,474 machines were produced. It was powered by an International DTI-817C engine which developed 310 net hp. The model was a direct competitor of the Caterpillar D8.

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This photo shows an earlier TD30 model performing ripping duties.  These models started production in 1962 and only had a short run as production ceased in 1965 when the TD25C above took its place. A total of 105 were produced during that time.

These shots of a couple of Euclid C6 cable control dozers were taken around 1961. The machine's were owned by Corby based Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd.

The C6 which was launched in 1958 was actually Euclid's second crawler dozer, following on from the TC12 which had been built since 1955.

These models are seen sporting the name of the world famous machinery dealer Blackwood Hodge. A company that many of those that contact us here at the Digger blog have very fond memories of working for.

Look out for more stunning photos from the archives during the long winter months. 


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