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Mon June 24 2024

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Unknown digger "Can you tell what it is yet?"

Digger Blogger | 19:04, Tue October 05 2010

We have been sent in these photos by Scott Dickson from the state of Victoria in Australia.

Scott is asking our readers for help in identifying this rare old mini excavator that he has bought recently. The machine has been fitted with a Yanmar canopy at some point but Scott has spoken to Yanmar and they have told him that it is definitely not one of theirs, as have Kobelco.

Scott tells us that the drive motors have Orbit Moto markings and the hydraulic tank oil cap says Kamui CAB50, there is also what he describes as a disc that says Sumitomo MK21B, I am guessing that the latter could be the make and model number?

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Scott says "Everything works on this old machine, my plan is to clean it up and use it around my property and my mates places as well, depending on what it goes like and of course if we can get spares for it I might look at hiring it out to property owner in the same boat as us"

If any of our readers can shed some light on this please post your comments here on the blog


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