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Thu July 25 2024

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Volvo’s slag bucket

Digger Blogger | 12:00, Wed September 20 2023

Volvo Construction Equipment has produced a shovel bucket specifically for use in steel mills and similar high-heat environments.

Slag bucket sounds like a creative term of abuse but is actually a prosaic tool.

Until now, Volvo has just supplied beefed-up rock buckets for steel mill applications but has now developed a purpose-built bucket, “designed from the ground up” as they always say.

The Volvo slag bucket is designed to attach to the manufacturer’s application-specific range of slag handlers, namely its wheeled loader models L150H, L180H, L220H, L260H and L350H).

The floor of the bucket is made from extra-thick heavy-duty plate, with a protruding design to protect the side plate welds. Welded to this is an 80 mm single piece cutting edge.

The side cutters are two parts, with the lower half made from thicker steel, while at the top there is a reinforced spill guard.

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The connection between the bucket and the loader is also protected by a reinforced interface.

Another different between this slag bucket and a regular rock bucket is the digging depth; it is lower on the slag bucket to take into account the fitment of protective tyre chains.

Customers can still specify further adaptions according to their particular needs, through Volvo CE’s customer-built attachments program. But given the work that has already gone into the off-the-shelf slag bucket, any further modifications are likely to be minor, Volvo reckons, meaning faster delivery times for the finished bucket than previously.

The slag handlers to which the slag bucket is attached also have additional thermal protection, including heat resistant fuel and oil lines, fire protecting materials throughout, as well as additional guarding against slag explosions, falling objects and air blown debris.

And bullet proof glass.

Just in case.


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