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Fri July 19 2024

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Constructing a new wharf in South Georgia

Construction of a new wharf for King Edward Point in South Georgia for the British Antarctic Survey has been completed as part of the £140m UK Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme.

This film shows how the new £11m wharf, dolphin and slipway was built this in just 108 days – quite an achievement, as constructing on this sub-Antarctic island meant that every nut and bolt had to be sent in a single shipment from the UK and the nearest builders’ merchant is thousands of miles away.

As technical advisor to the British Antarctic Survey, Ramboll provided the initial concept design and was onsite to supervise the construction, while BAM developed the detailed designs and constructed the new facility. Sweco was BAM's design lead. Turner & Townsend provided cost management for the project.

Video uploaded on 28/08/2020 12:00am.

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