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Tue May 26 2020

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1st Foundations Limited

0845 128 9798

Based in the Midlands we have easy access to most parts of the country and offer a wide range of solutions to solve most foundation problems.

Mainly a family business we offer the best service and our main priority is customer satisfaction.

Our services:

Mini piling:

Is where we specialise. It is used where there is limited or poor access. We have specialist machinery which has been build in house so as we have the capabilities for any problem, BIG OR SMALL!!!

Doubled with our knowledge and understanding of these complicated jobs we are able to take on all aspects of your foundation and piling problems.

Bottom steel driven cased

Top driven steel/pre-cast

Open Hole Auger

Sectional Flight Auger

Overburden Drilling

DTH Open Hole Drilling

Drill Bar Pile

Contiguous Piled Wall

King Post Piled Wall

In-Situ Ground Beams

Soil Nailing

Odex piles

Hollow stem


Is a very specialised field and one that we have extensive knowledge and experience of. If your property is subsiding or having heave problems then underpinning will stabilise the property and stop any further movement in the ground beneath the property.

Pile underpinning slab

Pile and Needle Underpinning

Traditional Mass Concrete Underpinning

Pile and In-situ Beam

Knuckle Pile

Pad & Base

Pin Piles

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