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Fri July 19 2019

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Aaron Lining

01332 679130

With over 10 years experience in the road marking industry, Aaron Lining have a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of road and surface painting, centrally located to serve commercial customers throughout Derbyshire, the Midlands, and the rest of the United Kingdom. With a strong reputation for quality work and a reliable service, Aaron Lining supply road marking and lining services to a comprehensive range of customers, completing both major and minor surface marking contracts.

Car Park Line Marking

We can help our customers to maximise parking availability with a carefully planned marking programme to organise traffic flow and parking positions.

Factory Floor Painting

We can help improve safety with clearly designated pedestrian walkways and storage areas.

School Playground Marking – Template & Unique Free Hand

We can increase safety within the playground and create designated play areas such as hopscotch, number games, maps, lower and uppercase letters.

Traffic Calming

Speed humps are perhaps the oldest form of traffic calming. There are now a variety of different types including speed cushions which can be used, providing there is enough road width, to provide a smoother passage for heavy goods vehicles, buses and emergency service vehicles.

DDA/Anti Slip Treatments/Anti Skid Treatments

We only use high quality anti-skid materials which have been carefully chosen for greater safety in a wide variety of situations. In addition to providing a safer surface, the protection by this tough seamless surfacing will ensure an extended life for the substrate.

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Tel: 01332 679130