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Tue August 20 2019

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We provide platform lift solutions for a wide range of requirements, whether vertical, inclined or short rise. All of our lifts meet the requirements of the relative directive. The vertical units, and the inclined units will meet the requirements of the proposed standards. All of our units have been designed to ensure that safety is of paramount importance.

Access for ALL people

Here at Ability Lifts, we believe that the phrase �disabled� is discriminatory and should be banned. There are millions of �less abled� people including mothers with prams and elderly people with shopping bags, and older people who cannot climb the stairs.

We offer solutions to these difficulties - our philosophy is �Access for all people�. So specify Ability Lifts - all of the units being supplied in compliance with the Machinery Directive MD 98/37/EC and we understand the problems surrounding less abled people.

Our range of platform lifts

We have a range of platform lifts to suit a wide variety of situations. From the Optimum 100 which is an enclosed platform lift, to the Optimum 200; an inclined platform lift and the Optimum 300; a short rise platform lift.

Cost Effectiveness and SustainAbility

All our lifts are designed to last with super-durable components and low maintenance requirements. Our lifts offer years of trouble-free service and reliability with a breakdown rate of less than 1% - we only use the most economical and advanced lifts available with extremely low power consumption - often less than a quarter of our competitors!

Product Range : Optimum 100, The Optimum 100 is a high quality, reliable, chain driven vertical platform lift that is supplied complete with its own small footprint enclosure. This is a self-supporting platform lift which will enhance the value of any building. Installation costs are kept to a minimum ensuring excellent value with a low ownership cost. The unit is compliant with Part M of the Building Regulations and has the following features as standard:

13 metres maximum travel

Serves up to 6 floors

1250mm x 1560mm footprint

1400mm x 1100mm platform

60mm deep pit

Flexible door arrangements

0.15 metres/sec travel speed

Longevity � expected chain life of 25 years if properly maintained

Easy to use

Speedy installation

400kg capacity

The unit has available the following options:

Choice of door design including fire doors

240v operation

Managed usage

Glazing to every side

Doors in a range of RAL colours to assist the visually impaired

Contrasting colour and braille buttons

Communications devices

Ramp if pit not available

Optimum 200, The Optimum 200 is one of the best quality stair platform lifts available and is suitable for both internal and external use. The unit is supplied with a platform compatible with Part M of the Building Regulations, although smaller platforms are available should space be a dictating factor. The unit is supplied for straight staircases only although later in the year Optimum 250 will be available for round the corner applications.

The Optimum 200 is a well established design which has proven reliability for the carrying of various designs of wheelchairs and their occupants, to a maximum capacity of 250kg. This unit is compliant with the Machinery Directive and BS6440

The standard features of the unit are:

1300mm x 800mm platform

Joystick control

250kg capacity

0.1 metres/sec travel speed

Dimension of 280mm from wall when folded

Options available

Remote control operation

900mm x 700mm and 1000mm x 800mm platforms

Raise/lower facility to save space at lower level

RAL colours

Stanchion mounting

Fold down seat

Optimum 300, The Optimum 300 offers a Part M compliant (from October 2007) solution to small changes in levels and the unit is suitable for internal or external use. This open style platform lift has been designed with aesthetics and safety in mind giving added comfort to users.

A safety gate is installed on the landing at the higher floor and a bellows type curtain surrounds the unit beneath the platform, so that the area beneath the platform cannot be accessed when the platform is at the upper level. Easy to use controls make this the ideal unit for changes in level that are just a few steps high.

The standard features of Optimum 300 vertical platform lift are:

Footprint of 1005mm x 1890mm

300kg capacity

1000mm maximum travel height

Platform size - 1450mm x 800mm

24v control voltage

5 year anti corrosion warranty

Through configuration

Automatic ramp

Conforms to BS6440

Options available:

1450mm x 900mm platform

Variety of finishes

Various colours

Bridging if used inline with footway

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