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Mon November 11 2019

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Acara Concepts Ltd.

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Acara Concepts specialise in distributing the unrivalled acoustic insulation product, Phonewell®, throughout Ireland and the UK. Phonewell® is a natural sound insulation material and at only 15mm thick, it offers outstanding acoustic insulation results. It contributes towards our health and wellbeing, as is now a prerequisite of the sound insulation regulations.

Phonewell® is an innovative, unique and unrivalled acoustic insulation board that exceeds Building Regulations for the Resistance to the Passage of Sound in the UK and Ireland.

It is a natural sound insulation board and therefore an eco-friendly product that is breathable, pollutant free and odourless; designed for sustainable homes. Phonewell® can reward builders with points under the Code for Sustainable Homes for Category 1 - Energy/CO2 (sound insulated home office), Category 3 - Materials, Category 6 - Pollution (lack of!) and Category 7 - Health and well-being by achieving higher standards of sound insulation than required by Part E of the Building Regulations.

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