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Fri January 24 2020

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Acousticabs Industrial Noise Control Ltd

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Design, supply and installation of acoustic equipment - acoustic screens, enclosures, attenuators.

Acoustic treatments in schools to meet the reverberation time requirements of BB93 and Part E of the Building Regulations.

Impact resistant acoustic panels for gyms and sports halls.

Fabric faced acoustic wall panels for classrooms, offices and studios.

Stretched fabric acoustic wall linings for cinemas and foyers.

Suspended acoustic baffles and floating acoustic panels for classrooms with thermal mass ceilings.

Brightly coloured acoustic ceilings for circulation areas.

Direct fixed acoustic ceiling panels for awkward ceiling shapes.

Perforated acoustic wall panels for concert halls and lecture theatres.

Acoustic panels for constructing recording studios and music practice rooms.

Special Products

Suspended acoustic panels in large sizes and unusual shapes.

Aluminium acoustic panels with special perforations and composite cores.

Acoustic wall hangings with exciting artwork and screen printed designs.

Acoustic curtain products with special facings and excellent fire characteristics for offshore use

Industrial Acoustics

Acoustic treatments to meet the requirements of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005

Acoustic enclosures for large and small machines including demountable panels and forced ventilation.

Acoustic cabins and noise shelters delivered complete and ready to use.

Modular acoustic panel systems for self-assembly.

Acoustic control cabins fully fitted out with raked glazing, air conditioning and electrical services.

Environmental Acoustics

Acoustic works to meet the requirements of BS4142:1997 (Rating of Industrial Noise affecting Mixed Residential and Industrial Areas.

Acoustic screens around ventilation plant.

Acoustic louvres for plant rooms and screens

Acoustic walls around electricity transformers.

Acoustic barriers for road and rail systems.

Acoustic wall linings for external use.

Acoustic enclosures for external noise sources.

Acoustic building treatment to control noise break out.

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