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Sat May 30 2020

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Althon Ltd

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Althon Ltd (formerly Allpipe Ltd), part of The MAG Group of companies, is a business which specialises in the design, treatment and management of surface water run-off from all types of construction sites. Our extensive product range allows engineers and contractors to choose the most appropriate and cost-effective options for drainage design. We aim to provide products which are safe, rapid and inexpensive to install, and which assist with designers' obligations under Construction Design Management (CDM) legislation.

We also offer the latest innovations with regard to Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS), and offer solutions which can assist with planning issues and approvals by regulating authorities. Our commitment, wherever possible, is to use recycled and recyclable materials.

Our product range is:

Althon Channel - The Althon High Capacity Channel Drainage System.

Althon Channel - The Althon Stora-Drain range of drainage channels and kerb drainage.

Althon SUDS - The SEL Source Control System incorporating SEL Permachannel�, SEL Permavoid�, SEL Permafilter� Biomat, SEL Permafilter� Sudstex and SELtex geotextiles, SELflex geomembranes and SEL Permafilter� Flow Controls.

Althon Headwall - The Althon Headwall range of Drainage Outfalls and Inlets.

Althon Chambers - The Pipex range of polypropylene manholes, flow control and pump chambers, catchpits and drainage channels.

Althon Pipe & Ground Equipment - A wide range of site testing and safety equipment for sale and hire, from drain test stoppers, drain rods, manhole shutters, lifting equipment, trench sheets, drag boxes and roadforms to escape sets, tripods and winches and gas and cable detection equipment.

We hope that you find this site useful and informative, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

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