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Tue October 22 2019

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Anaco Stainless provides integrated solutions for the use of stainless steel in the civil engineering and construction industries. We are also an agent for Arminox UK in the UK and Ireland.

We specialise in the three main areas: For civil engineering and structural applications, stainless steel rebar has the advantage of greatly extending the life of a reinforced concrete structure in both normal and aggressive environments, and can dramatically reduce costs over the life cycle of your project.

Seamlessly interchangeable with carbon steel, the two types of steel can be used alongside each other without risk of galvanic corrosion for the most cost effective solution.

We provide stainless steel welded mesh for the civil engineering and sprayed concrete markets, but we also consult on, and supply, basket cable trays, gabions and wire cages. Along with a broad range of standard sizes, we can supply to individual specification for architectural design projects.

Stainless steel welded mesh provided by Anaco offers an intelligent solution to problems arising from corrosion of the carbon steel alternatives, and ensures long-term durability. Availability is on short lead times and at competitive prices.

Our perforated plate is targeted specifically at the water industry. Perforated plate is a cost effective and clean alternative to ceramic tiles.

Any design is possible, and delivered to site with workable lead times. As design requirements vary for each project, we specialise in supplying plate individual to your requirements. We do not stock any specific ranges, but common sizes can be supplied within days.

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